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Who the Hell is Macbeth? Why Liberal Arts Education Still Matters

At the risk of generalizing, I would say that America doesn’t appreciate speculation or theory as much as it lauds action. This is fundamental to the understanding of why education in liberal arts is shrinking in our culture. A college … Continue reading

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Avoiding the Identity Crisis of Aging

Children generally don’t experience crises of identity. During that period of life there are few shades of gray for most of us. Our friendships then are simpler, little sense of political correctness exists, and our physical senses steer many of … Continue reading

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Welcome to Fantasy Island…or… The Mystery of Fame

I am often fascinated and sometimes troubled by America’s obsession with celebrity. There is something irrational about the intense, engrossing concern that so many people have for others who are extremely well known. Those who have achieved fame in professional … Continue reading

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