Dog Skin Problem That Can Be Cured…

Since our visit to the vet last week, Dudley is doing splendidly. He hasn’t scratched once. He’s taking two different internal meds, and I have to bathe him three times a week with special shampoo and rinse. The problem is a combination of certain malicious bacteria and fungus that are found on all dogs and cats but which are dangerous on certain canine skin like that of many Westies. The germs eat away at the epidermis creating deep redness, and the need to scratch almost endlessly until the fur actually falls out, and the skin becomes tough and wrinkled as a body defense. Those areas look and feel like elephant skin. Healing has begun, but there is much more treatment necessary to keep the bugs at bay.

I knew that Dr. Parker was good when she walked into the room, where Duds and I were. Her manner won over Dudley immediately. Also, it’s obvious that she knows her stuff. She addressed every issue and possible treatment from top to bottom. At LAST I have found somebody, who really knows what she’s doing! Dudley is going to be all right in six to eight weeks and is already a much happier dog. The dark, scaly, irritated skin where he was scratching so fiercely is already turning a healthy pink again. I’m sleeping better and enjoying my dog once again.

It turns out that his allergies weren’t even food-based. I’m able to hide his pills in pieces of Swiss cheese now. Another issues was that I was using organic, special oatmeal shampoos and rinses, which weren’t killing any of the microbes. Dr. Parker said it might have been better just to use Dawn Dishwashing Liquid! His shampoo is now a medicated one I must leave on him for ten minutes before the rinse. At any rate, everything seems to be working. Hooray! I need to publicize this, as many people with Westies give up and have their dogs taken to shelters or even put down. My point is that there is hope for dogs suffering from this affliction, the medical term for which is Malassezia Dermatitis. There are medications and treatments that can relieve and eliminate this problem, making your pets happy again.  JB

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  1. Steve says:

    I am glad that Dudley is doing well

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